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29-Dec-2017 00:53

Under terms of a contract that has been seen by Recode, whoever acquires Yahoo might have to pay Mozilla annual payments of 5 million through 2019 if it does not think the buyer is one it wants to work with and walks away.

That’s according to a clause in the Silicon Valley giant’s official agreement with the browser maker that CEO Marissa Mayer struck in late 2014 to become the default search engine on the well-known Firefox browser in the U. Mozilla switched to Yahoo from Google after Mayer offered a much more lucrative deal that included what potential buyers of Yahoo say is an unprecedented term to protect Mozilla in a change-of-control scenario.

That included striking search deals with both Mozilla and Oracle to get more search volume to monetize.

Mayer has also been investing enormous amounts of money and efforts into Project Index, a mobile-focused search effort that Yahoo has yet to launch. Mozilla welcomed the eager deal, which has been only marginally profitable for Yahoo after the payment is taken out.

After all, the majority of us spend several hours each day staring—often expressionlessly—at the computer screens in front of us.

Do hackers have the patience to wait for us to put ourselves in a compromising pose? Given the lurking threat of webcam snooping, why don’t we all just cover the camera with a sticky note and breathe easy? With laptops becoming ever thinner, sleeker, and sexier, nobody wants to mar their machine with Band-Aids and Post-Its.

After Yahoo basically abandoned its search efforts under former CEO Carol Bartz, when it became clear that Yahoo had lost too much market share to Google and also Microsoft, Mayer felt an aggressive — and very expensive — effort was needed to get it back.

You wouldn’t leave your door unlocked, or your email unprotected.

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