Speed dating on saturdays for middle aged people in moscow

30-Aug-2017 09:25

And come they did, from east, south, west, and north: dozens of playwrights, producers, choreographers, clowns, actors, dancers, acrobats, and other show folk, each intent on one thing: to serially date as many members of the press as they possibly could in one brief evening.

The press, let it be noted, does not ordinarily do this sort of thing.

It’s been workshopped in Copenhagen and will have its premiere this November at the Grotowski Institute in Wroklaw, Poland.

But this first Thursday of the new year was the Fertile Ground new-works festival’s speed-dating-with-the-media night, and for everyone involved (including three of us from Arts Watch – Brett Campbell, Christa Morletti Mc Intyre, and Bob Hicks), getting a lot of information out there in a very short time seemed like an excellent idea.

It was also a little like a drive-by clipping by a fleet of eighteen-wheelers. “Why is that woman coming at us with a hatchet in her hand?

Writers and producers sometimes use the festival as a first chance to see how things are working for an audience, and sometimes as the launching pad for a completed show.

A few full productions have already opened, among them Olga Sanchez’s at Co Ho.

Toss in a couple of comic books, with Echo’s, Subrosa Dance Collective at Conduit.