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17-Nov-2017 01:06

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You may be the only guarantee he has in life, which is why his grasp on you is so tight. Come rain or shine, he knows that you’ll always be standing there, eagerly waiting for him to just give you a glance…and no matter how difficult the game is he’s playing, unlike everything else he’s got going on, he knows you’re a sure shot.Would he ever allow someone to do this to his sister, to his daughter? He does not care that you are in a state of perpetual heartache, that you cry when you are not with him, or that you have possibly missed out on so much of your life being caught up in this vicious cycle. There are professionals who can help you, people who will never judge you or ever expose you.They will do whatever they can to guide you out of this, insh Allah.

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You just have to value yourself as much as He (azza wajal) has valued you and take the first step. And if he makes mention of Me in an assembly, I make mention of him in an assembly better than it.

You just have to believe that with Allah (swt) anything is possible.

If you are sincere, in the blink of an eye, he can remove these feelings from your heart and set you free. He loves you, He loves your tears of repentance more than you can ever know.

Throughout history, even in the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him), men (and women) have fallen into this dangerous trap of shaitan. He is caught up in the addictive cycle the same as you are, just for different reasons. How many nights have you cried yourself to sleep because of the loneliness, the feelings of neglect?

How many times have you beaten yourself up wondering why he’s not with you or why he didn’t choose YOU as his wife?

He’s sacrificing his own happiness (which is being with you) because of his family, his children, his parents…you feel so sorry for him but it makes you love him even more that he’s so noble…No one is saying that he’s evil.

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