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The other girls, Tohka, Miku (although she does love Yoshino), the twins, and Origami have shown clear signs of jealousy towards Yoshino since Shido chose her over them, but he still cares.

They can hold conversations with Yoshino, until Shido comes into it.

So during dessert, Yoshino makes a list of the things she needs for the gathering.

She wants it held in a couple of weeks; which is good considering that Shido is going to need Kotori's help with the preparations.

Later at home, Yoshino is preparing dinner for Shido.

She is making a recipe from a new cookbook that she bought called "Traditional family meals".

He greets his fiancé by hugging her from behind causing her to blush.

Shido notices this and is a little concerned."Did I startle you, Yoshino?

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While she is preparing herself for that day, Yoshino still doesn't feel ready enough to even consider having child yet.While reading books, Yoshino encounters a story about people coming together.She takes an interest in this because of the idea of friends and family gathering together to be thankful for what they have and enjoy a feast together, makes her happy."Yoshino shakes her head rapidly, but the truth is, she isn't fully used to him touching her as a woman yet.

Yoshinon can't help but comment."Yoshino wants you to…"Yoshino's face glows red as she covers the puppet's mouth with her hand.

Yoshino thinks about it on the walk home, and looks at Yoshinon as she says."Yoshinon, I think we should do this."Yoshinon looks back at her friend and agrees."Yeah, and we should rub your man in their faces.""Yoshinon!